Guest Profile

Dr. Julianna Englund, N.D., LAc


I’m Dr. Julianna Englund. I am a dually licensed naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist and Body-Mind-Soul educator.

What I'm About:

• Providing high quality health promoting services and education

• Assisting and supporting Self-care practices for an improved quality of life

• Promoting awareness of each individual’s inherent Self-healing potential

• Providing opportunities to experience unity of Body-Mind-Soul


Over the years I have used many natural types of medicine for my own healing and growth. I have had many adventures in various types of bodywork, counseling, travel, and the ups and downs of life. These experiences have shaped me both personally and professionally.


My practice has evolved since I received all of my medical training at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA and mentorships with special teachers, including Dr Jean Yu (with her blessing, I took over her practice in 2012. I still work there but East West Natural Medicine Center is now owned by the talented Dr. Niki Rarig).


I practice mind-body-soul medicine. My goal is that every patient I meet feels heard and that I address their needs to the best of my abilities. When it comes to relieving physical pain, I practice orthopedic acupuncture and incorporate cupping, trigger points, physical therapy and myofascial massage techniques. I come from a very hands-on, progressive and integrated medical school and I incorporate the understanding of the human body that I learned there. Plus, I’ve had several types of doctors as teachers including doctors trained in China, Chiropractors, ND’s and MD’s.


Others come to me for a more energetic approach and I love practicing my own form of healing work using all my training in qigong, acupuncture and craniosacral principles/techniques. Oh! And I’m a western and eastern herbalist. I love using herbal formulas to restore balanced health. I especially use herbs for infertility, stress and anxiety, menstrual issues, colds and coughs.


Most of all, I enjoy the diversity of my work and helping others. I’ve had enough years of life and clinical experience to know myself and to have developed my own style and practice. And what I undoubtedly Know, is that I am here to serve others and to help with my greatest capacity, even if that means that I refer a patient to another practitioner that can help better than I can. My training, mentors and practice have filled me with great respect for the human condition and my intention is to always act with integrity and respect and help every patient find their way.