Guest Profile

Dr. Kathy Forti

Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist with over 25 years-experience in the mental health care field. A near-death experience in 2003 led to her communication with multidimensional beings and the development of the Trinfinity8 System—a technology based on mathematical algorithms and healing codes to effect positive transformational change.Dr. Forti is author of the book Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience & Journeys into the Mystical. In the 1980’s she was one of the first children’s authors to address death and dying in her metaphysical children’s book series, Freddie Brenner’s Mystical Adventures. Her weekly blog Trinfinity & Beyond addresses key issues related to health, consciousness, spirituality, the cosmos, and universal mysteries. She is also an award-winning TV writer and producer for the inter-dimensional TV webseries, STACKS.