Guest Profile

Dr. Kirk Prine

Kirk Prine and Donny Lobree are Body Story Experts and founders of The Missing Thread, a company designed to set people free to activate and express their purpose in the world. The uniqueness Kirk and Donny bring to freedom work is to facilitate mind set shifts through the body. They have created a methodology to neutralized what they call "body stories". Such freedom has resulted in clients physical, emotional and spiritual healing, relational shifts and further activation of their purpose. They have worked with six and seven figure entrepreneurs to create shifts in their ability to receive more wealth. These two master healers work extensively with entrepreneurs, healers and change agents who wish to make their businesses the highest expression of service.

Dr. Kirk Prine has a B.A. in Theology and a Masters & Doctorate in counseling with specialities in behavioral medicine. sexuality and group work. Kirk brings his blended experience of having been a psychotherapist for seventeen years, a certified massage therapist, adjunct professor and Traditional Reiki Teaching Master to this freedom work.

Donny Lobree is a violinist and violist, practitioner of Iyengar Yoga, body worker, and Reiki channel. As founder of Healing Notes, he travels internationally to hospitals and hospices sharing his music with patients as a sound healer. In addition, Donny assists the terminally ill with their "birthing" into death. He is the author of the heart opening adult children's book, How the Waif Bunny Saved the Boy and the custodian of gems by Shankari the Alchemist that empower people on their journey.

Kirk and Donny have spoken around the world about their Archetypal System for Success allowing those in attendance to experience huge breakthroughs in their lives and their businesses.

Kirk and Donnys business products include a comprehensive Body Story Inventory, which is designed to bring awareness to the blocks that occur when entrepreneurs attempt to move forward. They also offer private one-on-one coaching sessions and a Body Story Expert Certification Program through The Missing Thread Mystery School .