Guest Profile

Dr. Lara Romero

Dr. Lara Romero has been studying metaphysics and energy work for over 20 years. Early in life she overcame her battle with alcoholism and depression and at age 18 fell asleep at the wheel while driving home late at night. Miraculously, no one else was involved and she survived unscathed. Since then she realized she was here for a reason and set out to discover it. She has studied Chakra balancing, Breath-Work, Reiki, CCMBA, Past Life Regression and Music Therapy. She obtained her PhD in Metaphysics from The American Institute of Holistic Theology and holds a secondary degree in Human Services from CSUF.

She has perfected the art of manifesting and now lives with her soul mate of over ten years with their beautiful daughters. She has led self-empowerment workshops for women, guided visualization groups, counseled and tutored young adults but her passion is empowering children. She and her husband, Mark Romero, have numerous guided visualization CDs and manifesting programs and recently completed her second installment of the self-empowerment for children series.