Guest Profile

Dr. Laura Stuvé

Dr. Laura Stuvé received her PhD at UCSF in biochemistry and then did a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford working on the Human Genome Project. She spent 26 years in basic research in human molecular genetics in academia and the biotechnology industry before shifting her focus full-time to mind-body medicine. For the past 13 years Dr. Stuvé has been in clinical practice integrating her molecular genetics background with the BodyTalk system’s multidisciplinary, intuitive approach.

Dr. Stuvé was the Principal Investigator on the first formal clinical research study for BodyTalk, working with Dr. Janet Galipo, DOM. This study focused on evaluating the impact of BodyTalk treatments on individuals with chronic pain conditions and demonstrated significant improvements in pain intensity and associated emotional symptoms.

She has been teaching science-based, intuitive medicine for alternative healthcare practitioners for 10 years. She developed BodyIntuitive to realize her passion to bring the latest paradigm-changing scientific discoveries into the hands of healthcare practitioners to make a difference in clinical treatment of chronic disease.