Guest Profile

Dr. Lloyd Gomberg

Dr. Lloyd H Gomberg D.C., known as the Quantum Doctor, has been a chiropractic physician for over a decade, certified in acupuncture and board certified in clinical nutrition. He has also been involved as a bioenergy practitioner, as a medical intuitive with the ability to see energy grids, and has utilized many techniques over the years including Theta healing, Matrix Energetics, Garciainnergetics and the Yuen Method.

These energetic healing/transformational techniques can detect imbalances and deficiencies that can effect the body and its capacity to heal itself, enabling the client to move forward in reaching their full potential with no judgment and no agenda.

Dr. Lloyd's interest in moving energy stems way back from being a Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner, utilizing the mind-body-spirit connection. It is his goal to facilitate transformation through coaching people with issues that chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture treatments alone do not address.