Guest Profile

Dr. Mark Breiner D.D.S

Mark A. Breiner, DDS, is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, a past president and Fellow of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, and a Diplomate of the College of Dentistry, American Association of Integrative Medicine. A pioneer and recognized authority in biological and holistic dentistry, Dr. Breiner has helped patients worldwide find solutions to baffling, unresolved, and seemingly unrelated, but in fact, dental-related health problems. Dr. Breiner is the author of Whole-Body Dentistry: A Complete Guide to Understanding the Impact of Dentistry on Total Health. This award-winning book is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide that explains the vital relationship between your mouth and your health.


Dr. Breiner treats patients for many dental concerns, including Aesthetics, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, Sleep Breathing Disorders, Mercury Toxicity, hidden Infections from Cavitations, and Root Canals. "If you have unexplained symptoms that won't go away no matter what you do, the answer could be in your mouth," states Dr. Breiner. "Understanding the vital relationship between the teeth and the rest of the body allows me to provide added levels of diagnosis and care to improve your life.