Guest Profile

Dr. Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson MD, FACC, MPH

Dr. Mark Nelson is a board certified internist and cardiologist and has a Masters of Public Health. He received his baccalaureate degree from New York University, his medical degree from Case Western Reserve University Medical School and his Masters of Public Health degree from Columbia University. In addition to years of clinical work, Dr. Nelson worked for the Centers for Disease Control and did occupational health and safety work for the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union. He served as a consultant for International Medical Programs video production on Risk Factor Modification and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and served on the Planning Committee of the New York State American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology Women and Heart Disease Physician Education Initiative. He authored a chapter on Preventive Cardiology in the Cardiology Survival Handbook, 2003, Edited by Dr. David Putnam.

Dr. Nelsons primary interest is helping people create health in their lives and helping them learn and practice Habits of Health so they can enjoy life and thrive. He has given many health and wellness presentations to students, teachers, school nurses, health care professionals and patients on preventing heart disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia in adults and children, and diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease and its risk factors. Dr. Nelson served as a consultant for the Healthy Heart 4 Kids website, answering student questions about the heart and heart disease.

His current work is dedicated to teaching people Habits of Health so they can empower themselves to create health in their lives and rid themselves of diseases and medications.