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Guest Profile

Dr. Michael Hyson PhD

Dr. Michael T. Hyson, Ph.D.
Research Director
Sirius Institute
P. O. Box 1979
Pahoa, Hawai’I 96778 

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Born July 5, 1948, Rockford, Illinois. I grew up in Winnebago, Illinois on a small farm with many pets.  I found Lilly’s book Man and Dolphin when Iwas 13 and lived with the dolphins for a summer when I was 14.  Following my fascination with dolphins andbehavior, I became a neuroscientist with degrees from U. of Miami.  I have had many fine mentors including Dr.Hank Truby, John Lilly’s linguist who taught English to the dolphins at theCommunications Research Institute in Coral Gables and the Virgin Islands.  My main studies have been consciousness, thebrain, understanding other species, starting space migration, and finding otherpaths to improve life on Earth and beyond. I have worked with dolphins, interspecies communication, robotics,computer vision, binocular vision, space colonies, electrostatic levitation (atJPL, experiencing ten hours of Zero-Gravity) and as research director for twoprivate rocket companies developing SSTO rocket launch vehicles that couldlaunch to orbit for about $10/pound.  

For the last 25 years our research (with the late Star Newland, founder ofthe Sirius Institute) has focused on “dolphinizingthe planet” (the integration of the Cetacea into our societies) through developingmusical communication interfaces with free dolphins as well as presenting ourwork to various agencies including the Navy. Star developed Language Sculpting to improve our clarity ofcommunication, as well as developing dolphin-attended underwater birth programsand accessing the effects of pre-birth contact between pregnant Moms and thedolphins on birth outcomes.


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