Guest Profile

Dr. Michael Picucci

Dr. Michael Picucci brings decades of investigation and experience to his practice of Psychotherapy, Focalizing and Consulting. His professional expertise spans a wide-range of disciplines as a Psychologist, Licensed Psychotherapist, Master Addictions Counselor, Sexologist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Organizational Consultant. Michael's research and experience have been nationally recognized, his work has been published in numerous media, and his colleagues recognize him as a pioneer in intuitive healing.
Recipient of the National Institutes on Health "Outstanding Leadership in Research Award," the last 30 years of Dr. Picucci's exploration in Social Sciences, Organizational Development and Energy Psychology has focused on addictions, trauma healing, sexuality, and interpersonal and group dynamics. During this time he has been observing and creating rituals for sane, healthy living for individual clients, couples, groups and organizations.