Guest Profile

Dr. Patrice Fields

Bio:  At a young age, Patrice spontaneously experienced mystical unity and the interconnectedness of everything. She went on to graduate with a masters and doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and worked in private practice, clinics, schools and corporations, and also taught at the doctoral level in clinical psychology. She has specialty training in trauma, EMDR, neurofeedback, hypnosis, interactive guided imagery, NLP, and dream interpretation. In 1989, Patrice experienced a near death enlightenment experience, which among other revelations showed her the evolutionary trajectory of her soul. From this, she reoriented her life purpose to include the evolution of all life forms. The awakening has provided her with on-going experiences of nonduality as well as intuitive abilities to read the human energy field, and the fields of lands, countries, and collective consciousness. She has been a therapist and mentor to light workers and those devoted to a psycho-spiritual path and has an international private practice. Patrice is a proponent of the idea that nondual spirituality needs to include the notion of how our being incorporates and interconnects with the Earth, galaxy and the Universe. Her current work incorporates all of these energies into her teaching . She continues to evolve her teaching with new revelations in quantum physics.