Guest Profile

Dr. Patricia Adson

For her entire professional career, Patricia Adson, Ph.D., has been devoted to helping others discover their best selves.

A former schoolteacher, Dr. Adson initially taught high school English, and social studies. While pursuing her Master's Degree in education, she began working with children with emotional and behavioral disorders. It was this experience that inspired her - at age 49 - to enter a Ph.D program in Educational Psychology, where she also received training and licensure as a psychologist and psychotherapist, working with individuals, families, and groups.

Although she continued to be involved in the education of special education teachers and graduate students in psychology and counseling, Dr. Adson primarily began working as a psychotherapist after earning her degree. Hundreds of women sought her counsel, and while leading a therapy group, Dr. Adson wrote the Princess Story. It's goal was to help the group examine neglected areas of their emotional lives, and to learn to talk about self-care and self-responsibility. She used the story with her clients and graduate students for many years, and continued to use it with her clients when she made the transition from psychotherapist to coach.