Guest Profile

Dr. Philip Kogler

After a previous career of 14 years in the dental profession and a long history of chronic back pain, Dr. Philip Kogler attended the prestigious Life University College of Chiropractic outside of Atlanta, GA, where he graduated Cum Laude.

Dr. Kogler has the honor of being married to his wife, Sarah, and to be the father of their son John. Their second child is due April 12, 2011.

Like many of our patients who present to our office, Dr. Kogler has had the unfortunate experience of severe low back pain. After being treated for a "sprained back" with medications and finding only temporary relief, Chiropractic was found to be the only treatment that truly made a difference. Due to the advanced nature of the degeneration in the low back, ultimately surgery was the only option that resulted in a fusion of L5 and S1. As a result, Dr. Kogler has the ability to truly understand how low back pain can affect a person's life. With this knowledge and understanding, Dr. Kogler can personally identify with patients on a level that many others are not able.