Guest Profile

Dr. Robert Moore

As CEO and founder of the wellness system Body of Knowledge, Inc., Dr. Robert J. Moore III is dedicated to combating Americas obesity epidemic by promoting healthy lifestyles through sustainable, realistic diet and exercise habits. A board certified surgeon with 15 years experience treating foot and ankle problems, Dr. Moore also owns Moore Foot & Ankle Specialists in Houston, specializing in corrective surgery, ankle arthroscopy and sports medicine.

Every year in the summer, people turn to quick-fix diets to get beach-ready bodies for the summer. However, though most can lose the pounds, few can keep them off for long. In fact, 70 percent of dieters say they regain their lost weight, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Dr. Robert J. Moore III says its possible to not only get fit during the summer months, but to maintain that overall wellness year-round. His new book, Body of Knowledge: The Complete Weight Management System for a Lifetime of Health offers five distinct, effective BOK wellness plans designed to arm everyday Americans with the tools they need to maintain their own health and fitness. Body of Knowledge is a simple wellness guide that instructs readers about how to eat healthy, how to exercise efficiently and how to overcome mental roadblocks to fitness. Body of Knowledge System isnt a dietits a lifestyle change.

Even if youre just trying to lose weight fast for the summer, its important to keep in mind that almost all fad diets end up being infamous for their success in the short term and disappointment in the long term, says Dr. Moore, who leverages more than 20 years of study, research and counseling with overweight and frustrated patients. The BOK system is not a magic bullet or a fad dietits a sensible, sustainable program for weight management and good health.