Guest Profile

Dr. Roger Lane

Roger Bruce Lane, Ph.D., founder of the educational foundation Cosmos Tree, Inc. and the Center For Religion and Advanced Spiritual Studies, is a Spiritual Teacher of the Sound Current Holy Spirit, author and counselor. A graduate of the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, Dr. Lane also holds an advanced degree in Theology and a doctorate in the combined field of Psychology and Theology called Human Services. Dr. Roger Lane leads Meditations, Classes, Workshops and Trainings throughout the U.S. and in Mexico, assisting countless individuals in living a more fulfilling and creative life.

Dr. Lane has over 190 Talks on CD and MP3; Dr. Lane's Series "Understanding The Spirit You Are" is on DVD and appears on cable TV in New York City. Dr. Lane gives a monthly Talk in New York City that is teleconferenced around the world.

All of Dr. Lane's Talks and DVDs and The Money Workbook - help individuals learn that they have the Power to co-create the lives they want and that This Power is within. In the Talks, on the DVDs and in The Money Workbook, Dr. Lane addresses topics such as Gratitude; Acceptance; Forgiveness; Choice and Surrender.

As author, Spiritual Teacher and counselor, Dr. Lane's Focus has been - and always is - on Our Purpose here, which is to come to know ourSelves as the Spirit we are and, in Attunement to That, to Surrender anything that we allow to separate us from the Spirit that we are.