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  04/04/2014      01:00 pm

Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes: When The Horses Whisper with Author Rosalyn Berne

Guest Profile

Dr. Rosalyn W. Berne

Rosalyn W. Berne, Ph.D. explores the intersecting realms between emerging technologies, science, fiction and myth, and between the human and non-human worlds. As a university professor she writes and teaches about engineering and technology in society and the ethical implications of technological development, often using science fiction material in her classes. In her personal life she continues to discover the transformational nature of human-equine relationships, and offers facilitation and translation services for enhancing communication between horses and their owners.

She is author of Nanotalk: Conversations with Scientists And Engineers About Ethics, Meaning, and Belief in the Development of Nanotechnology Erlbaum Press, 2005 and the novel, Waiting in the Silence Spore Press, 2012. To Recreate Life from Life, Biotechnology and Science Fiction brings the non-fictional writing of research scientists together with Berne's science fiction short stories forthcoming from Pan Stanford Press.


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