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Guest Profile

Dr. Shalom Rakhminov

Dr. Shalom Rakhminov is a pharmacist, CEO and Owner of Shalom Pharmacy, a pharmacy dedicated to providing customers both traditional and customized medications. Shalom provides medications patients need by forming close relationships with both doctors and patients to customize medications for their special needs.


Shalom Pharmacy’s innovative approach has had significant results reducing addiction to pain medication, one our country’s most devastating health care issues.  They have many other custom solutions for issues ranging from the inability to swallow to producing legal medications that are not available elsewhere. They also provide patient and family education programs and prompt delivery to your desired location.


Dr. Rakhminov has worked for that last 15 years closely with local synagogues to provide community outreach. His goal is to provide “healthy solutions for better living”.


Shalom’s Pharmacy is located in Brooklyn, New York. You can reach them at 718-253-4900, Fax at 718-253-4905, or by email at [email protected]