Guest Profile

Dr. Sharon Martin MD

Sharon’s first loves were and are the creatures of our Earth – two legged, four legged, finned and furred. Sharon’s schooling began in traditional ways – graduate degree in Physiology, medical degree in Internal Medicine. She grew to understand that we are at a choice point in our evolution as humans. She then began studying alternative healing, energy medicine, and the esoteric.

“We need to expand our consciousness, deepen our respect for Earth, and dream bigger in order to not only survive but thrive. It is my soul’s mission to awaken that deeper purpose and heighten my capacity as human; and to help others do the same.”

As a physician and shamanic healer, Sharon offers a unique ability to guide you through these challenges. She blends the worlds of traditional Western medicine with the mystical ancient teachings. With this holistic approach, we can look beyond what appear to be significant limitations to shift your destiny and call in a more vibrant life. Your work with Sharon can unlock the challenges facing you, and to find ways to move forward.