Guest Profile

Dr. Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie PhD, MFT is a talented psychotherapist, author, artist, spiritual psychotherapist, and channel. Suzanne's spiritual journey is described in length on her website, first written under the penname of "Suzan Caroll." This journey continues on her blog.

Writing is one of Suzanne's many passions and gifts that she has expanded into her private practice. In her counseling and channeling sessions Suzanne helps people all over the globe to connect with the many aspects of their Multidimensional SELF. She also assists them to incorporate that higher consciousness, inner guidance, and expanded perception into their daily life.

Dr. Lie is a true maverick in the field of assisting the global awakening. She has expanded her traditional education to branch out to assist those who are seeking a greater understanding and communicating with their Multidimensional SELF.

With their new, multidimensional SELF-image they can regain latent skills that will assist then in creating their new life. Suzanne's website, blog and YouTube videos guide the reader through a process of awakening and becoming their Multidimensional SELF who exists free of the limitations and illusions of third dimensional reality.