Guest Profile

Dr. Tassel Faith Shanebrook

Dr. Tassel Shanebrook helps individuals remember who they are. Her foundational method is in assisting clients access and live from their own inner guidance.

As a licensed doctor of psychotherapy with two master's degrees, Dr. Tassel brings a high level of clinical education, and as a certified hypnotherapist, certified kundalini yoga instructor, reiki master, and shamanic practitioner, she employs powerful metaphysical modalities. Her work is uniquely transformative as she works from a therapeutic, spiritual, and subconscious orientation. This work is Dr. Tassel's passion and life's calling and she is committed to providing these practices to as many individuals as possible.

Dr. Tassel has been featured in publications such as Best Self and People Magazine and has lectured extensively. She is the founder of the You Are Your Own Hero community, which recently won international recognition as a leading personal growth and development program from the 2022 GHP Private Health Care awards.



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