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Dr. Teresa 'DrH' Hazelwood

Dr. Teresa Hazelwood AKA "DrH" is known as The Freedom Guru. A gifted, intuitive, holistic chiropractic physician, transformational coach, "FREEDOM-preneur" & radio celebrity co-host, DrH works with clients globally. Her wellness clinic is based out of the gateway to the Midwest where she has been a health and wellness expert and transformational life coach for almost 2 decades. DrH is the founder of "Personal Freedom Boot Camp" a unique group tele-coaching program that she developed to teach people how to create more time, talent, health, and wealth She assists people who are looking to create more "Personal FREEDOM" so they can live a life of peace, purpose, passion & perseverance

DrH is on a mission to teach over a million people how to create more "Personal FREEDOM" in their life and unleash their inner potential and transform barriers into stepping stones. Her approach offers a bondage free life where people become a "Freedom-preneur" by transforming mindsets and creating breakthroughs in all dimensions. Her approach helps others arm themselves with tools to equip, empower & encourages them to take inward journeys discovering transforming mind sets that help people create a life that will reflect outwardly as an expression of the inner dimensions of the soul. DrH is an inspiration to others by living a sermon rather than preaching one.

For the last 20 years, DrH has been inspiring and coaching others to achieve attainable health, wellness and learn how to thrive rather than survive. Her vision is to encourage and to motivate all that will take the opportunity to join her in this journey we call life Everyone is unique on their journey that's why each solution is tailored to meet a person's individual needs. She has a tract record for achieving success in helping many achieve their goals.

DrH's primary focus is getting to the root of your problem and finding out what motivates you to decide to make the changes necessary to achieve success in every area of your life. She also teaches how to implement practical tools and action steps that can be used in your everyday life. The goal is to assist you on your journey and provide you with tools to learn how to live life with no regrets while helping you find balance with peace, purpose and personal success. Dr.H.s step by step guidance will help you learn how to erase the DNA of physical, mental or spiritual pain in every paradigm of your being.

Beyond radio, coaching, and other media events, DrH is also an inspirational speaker and author of "Freedom Solutions Unleashed The Secret to Having More Time, Talent, Health & Wealth" to be published by January of 2015.

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