Guest Profile

Dr. Terry Gordon

Dr. Terry A. Gordon graduated from Emory University with a degree in Psychology. Having completed his medical school training at what is now known as the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, a rotating internship at Doctors Hospital, Internal Medicine training at Akron General Medical Center, he then completed his Invasive Cardiology Fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

One of his missions in life is saving the lives of our most precious resource, our children. After the tragic death of Josh Miller, a 15-year old football player at Barberton High School, Dr. Gordon, as then president of the Summit County Ohio American Heart Association helped to raise the funds to place automated external defibrillators AEDs in every junior and high school. His community became the first county of its size in the nation to do so. For his efforts, the American Heart Association named him the National Physician of the Year 2002.

Through God's direction, Terry has continued on his life's path. In 2005, he was instrumental in procuring from the state of Ohio, 2.5 million. With a partnership with the American Heart Association and Akron General Medical Center, over 2,200 AEDs were placed in schools throughout the state of Ohio. He then convinced the state legislature to allocate an additional 2.5 million needed to complete the task of placing over 4500 devices in Ohio schools. This initiative included the cost of the AED, training five individuals in each school in the use of AEDs and CPR, as well as aligning the schools with their local paramedic units. Over 15,000 individuals received this training. Fifteen lives have been saved as a direct result of this initiative.

Terry's mantra in life is to give himself away every day, and he does so happily. He is quite active within his community, serving on various volunteer boards. He was a founding member of Stewart's Caring Place, a facility of wellness established for those individuals and families touched by cancer. The services offered compliment medical treatment while recognizing the integral relation of body, mind and spirit in the healing process.

As a physician who on a daily basis has dealt with life and death, Terry understands that life is precious and can change in an instant. He and his family experienced first-hand such a dramatic shift when his son Tyler was involved in an automobile accident, sustaining a severe spinal cord injury that has left him paralyzed. Leading his family through the experience, Terry's journey has resulted in a spiritual awakening to a clearer understanding of life and the truths it has to offer.

Now retired from the practice of Cardiology, Terry's purposeful life is to continue serving, by sharing with others his insight to what we all desirePeace, Shalom, and Salaam.