Guest Profile

Dr. Wendy Dearborne

Dr. Wendy Dearborne supports you in answering the question, “what am I wanting for my life in this moment?” Dr. Wendy is a Choice Expert, inspirational speaker, life coach certification specialist and author. She has established a successful coaching practice where she incorporates a unique and highly effective blend of transformational coaching, holistic therapies, along with diet and nutritional support. Her blend of transformational holistic integration is designed to define and enhance your “choice” making skills to support you in creating the life that you “say” that you want to live.

Her personal journey began with a near death experience (NDE) at the age of twenty-one, which brought home two irrefutable points; life is all about you and your choices; and the effects your choices have on your health and well-being. From the moment she realized that she was “Alive,” Wendy has dedicated her life to gaining and sharing knowledge on the importance of developing one’s personal empowerment, through utilizing the power of one’s conscious awareness of choice to create the life desired.

Dr. Wendy hosts her weekly inspirational internet radio talk show called “my life my choice” which airs live Wednesday’s @ 1:00 pm on blog talk radio. She holds two doctorates in her field of study; Metaphysics and Holistic Life Coaching. She is a master European trained classical aromatherapist and reflexologist. And the author of “Green Is 4 Life: A Simple Guide To Creating Healthy Life-Giving Green Smoothies and her daily blog, “Life Coaching 4 Coaches.”

She lectures weekly on the power of choice at The Shade Tree, a local shelter for abused and displaced women, children and pets.Dr. Dearborne lives in the Las Vegas Valley with her husband and is currently working on her second book about life and choices.