Guest Profile

Dr. Wendy Treynor

A wisdom-keeper with insight into how the peer pressure process works as it relates to why we unknowingly compromise ourselves under social pressure, leading us to betray our hearts and conscience, Dr. Wendy Treynor holds a PhD in Social Psychology from the #1 ranked program in the U.S. (US News & World Report, 2016: U. Michigan, Ann Arbor). Having walked away from 3 different jobs because of unethical activity, Dr. Wendy Treynor is a teacher of love & self-love, cancer survivor, and workplace bullying survivor-turned social scientist and thought leader on being true to you and happiness.

Using the needle and thread of logic, Dr. Treynor wove foundational social scientific research “patches” together into an overarching “quilt” of understanding, which unintentionally, mirrors the tenets of spiritual truth, providing you with healing self-insight so you can live your happiest life! In her retreats, keynotes, and training programs, Dr. Treynor presents I CAN HEAL®: A Revolutionary New Paradigm for Self-Healing based on social psychological principles she uncovered, standing on the shoulders of giants in her field. These principles include the Identity Shift Effect explanation of the peer pressure process, and the Self-Love Solution to Depression. The transformative understanding she shares represents a weaving of science and spirit, presenting the world with a new self-healing paradigm that has the potential to transform, uplift, and heal the lives of millions.

Once you hear Dr. Wendy Treynor’s research-based teaching, you have the key to empowering your team, yourself, and even ending social problems like school bullying, international terrorism, wartime atrocities, corporate corruption, gang-violence, and more, as Dr. Wendy presents a new paradigm, grounded in social science, which inspires us to remember the truth of who we are and all that is, revealing what lies at the heart of both outer and inner conflict–and how to end it.