Guest Profile

Dr. William Kent Larkin

Dr. William Kent Larkin is Director of Applied Neuroscience Institute, a member of the National Core Council UCSL, and The Integration team for USCL and ICSL

Dr. William Kent Larkin is a neuroscience researcher specializing in the neuroscience of happiness from the perspective of neuroscience research with an emphasis on the growing field of neurotheology. He is the originator of the UpSpiraLife 12 Step Positive Mind Group.

His vision is using his skills to grow faith and positivity that alter the neuroplasticity of the brain. Research indicates that when people remain in an UpSpiral of positivity, they are more creative, achieve success more easily and more easily acquire religious sentiment. His research shows that in this more productive UpSpiral, people become happier and their overall well-being and life satisfaction increases. Dr. Larkin presents proof that people who stay in an UpSpiral, score higher on every measure of life-satisfaction and well-being.

Dr. Larkin holds a degree from Yale University, with a doctorate in psychology and religion from Harvard University with post-doctoral certification in neuroscience. Dr. Larkin was for 10 years the voice of psychology for the Armed Forces Network broadcasting to 72 countries.

Dr. Larkin is the author of The Self-Esteem Manual, The Self-Esteem Inventory, Get Real, and two newly released books, Growing the Positive Mind, and Plans to the Universe. Dr. Larkin is a sought after national and international speaker translating the wide range of neuroscience research in happiness and joy to the practical marketplace of psychologists, therapists, coaches, ministers, and the general public.