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EagleSong Gardener

EagleSong Evans Gardener is an American herbalist who has spent the good part of 4 decades connecting people, plants and the earth. As a mother, grandmother and visionary, EagleSong, has practiced in the wise woman tradition of healing her whole life. Her sense of adventure, coupled with devote pilgrimage, has taken her to many parts of the planet, developing friendships and connections with people in many cultures and walks of life. Her mentors include women from Africa, England, France, America, the Makah nation, and her maternal mom and grandma...Welsh folk with a decidedly earthy nature!EagleSong is the founder of RavenCroft Garden, home of the first Community Centered herbal program in America. Through her dynamic herbal apprenticeship, Healing From the Ground Up, life-long learners are offered an opportunity to deepen their connection with themselves, plants and the planet. Her new project, Pacific Wise Women, is an educational outreach dedicated to keeping herbs in women's hearts, hands and homes. Joined by several women herbalists in the bio-region of the Salish Sea, the Pacific Women's Herbal Conference coming in September 2015, is the first expression of this unfurling endeavor.