Guest Profile

Eddie Stone

Eddie Stone, Founder & CEO Touchstone Essentials Touchstone Essentials is the result of a life-long journey to educate myself on science, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyles and to find out why now more than ever, people are tired, run down and sick. I discovered a food system that was broken, and a nutrition supplement industry that delivers little of the benefit of real food. Since then my purpose has been to help people live healthier lives.

Prior to Touchstone Essentials, I served as a co-founder and General Manager of a multi-million dollar nutritional company, and my career in direct selling includes 14 years as a successful distributor for two leading companies. Despite this success, I had come to acknowledge a number of serious problems with mass manufacturing practices and ecologically harmful distribution channels.

Months of visiting vitamin manufacturers, ingredient providers and real farms, opened my eyes to the reality that most nutritional products are made with the same synthetic or isolate chemicals that offer little of the benefit of real food. I realized only real farm-fresh food offers real improvement in body, mind and good health. I decided to create a company where the guiding principles are those of partnership, transparency, trust and integrity.

Sourced from the earth, Touchstone Essentials products are made possible by breakthrough innovations— in cold-processing techniques for whole foods, and in proprietary scientific advances in processing clinoptilolite zeolite—that set them apart from all others.

Today, over 150 million Americans take supplements, but not the right kind of supplements. I believe we will look back on this time and recognize it as a seismic shift in how people view food and nutrition. The market for organic food has grown from just $1 billion in 1990 to nearly $42 billion today, and is poised to accelerate rapidly as people continue to push back against the pitfalls of industrial farming, and get real food. Because everyone deserves the good inside.