Guest Profile

Eileen Bendiksen

Eileen is a graduate of Mass. College of PharmacyBoston 1978. She worked for CVS Pharmacy for 16 yrs. and was their &64257;rst female pharmacy supervisor. Eileen has been a Registered Pharmacist for a total of 36 years.

As a child, Eileen was chronically fatigued and as she got older symptoms worsened. There was an increase in pain, bowel dysfunction, severe case of eczema, chronic migraines which started at age 9 and compromised immune function.

Her children also had serious issues. Her older daughter had asthma, allergies, beginning stage of diabetes and a poor immune system. Eileens other daughter was diagnosed with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. She feels that her childrens health was the catalyst that sent her searching for a non-pharmaceutical solution.

Her search led her to Reliv International, a 26 yr. old company which is now the &64257;rst nutritional epigenetics company. They all received great health results. That was when the light turned on and the shift in her career took a whole different avenue. Her focus and understanding changed from reactive to proactive care and wellness directed. She lost her passion for pharmaceutics and wanted to educate and promote true healthcare

For the last 20 yrs. Eileen has been teaching and educating individuals about prevention of disease. She has been on radio throughout the last 18 yrs. WPEP in Taunton, WEZE, WROL, and Radio Luz in Boston.

Most recently, she been working with Lunasin, a natural peptide that is a scienti&64257;c breakthrough. Bioactive Lunasin is now exclusive worldwide to Reliv International. The results are remarkable.