Guest Profile

Eileen Campbell

Eileen Campbell - writer, yogi, formerly a leading self-help publisher.

Since her early adventures on the hippie trail in the early 1970s, Eileen has studied with a variety of teachers from different traditions and brings a wealth of knowledge and life experience to her books. Her writing is designed to inspire, motivate, and encourage positive thinking.

Her books include The Woman's Book of Joy: Listen to Your Heart, Live with Gratitude and Find Your Bliss, Wake Up and Hear the Thunder: Finding Hope in a Hopeless World, NOW is the Time for Change, The Joy of Gardening, Time to Be: Reflections on Facing the Future, A Dancing Star, A Lively Flame, The Unknown Region, A Fabulous Gift, Healing Our Hearts and Lives, Mind, Body, Spirit: A Dictionary of People, Places and Ideas.

As well as writing inspirational books, Eileen Campbell is well-known for her pioneering publishing in the fields of health, personal development and spirituality. For a decade she was a main Board director of HarperCollins UK. She was also a director of Channel Health TV, and has written and presented for BBC radio 2 and 4. Eileen’s other interests include organic gardening, music (both Eastern and Western), art history, and drawing.