Guest Profile

Elaine Fosse

Elaine began making her dressing in 1987. Like many others, she was unable to find a good tasting dressing without additives and preservatives so she went to work trying to come up with the best possible dressing for my family. Using the sweetest berries, the least amount of sugar, no additives, no preservatives, no salt, and no added water, Elaine produced a fantastic small batch of brightly hued raspberry dressing. Her family was thrilled as were her friends that tasted it. Requests began pouring in from friends and family to make more and more Every time she and her husband were invited to a dinner party, the hosts would say, ". . . and bring that marvelous dressing"

In November of 2004, Elaine assisted a co-worker with a bake sale to raise funds to benefit the Family Support Group for soldiers at Ft. Lewis in Washington State. Without time to bake anything, on a whim, she brought 4 bottles of her raspberry dressing to the bake sale. That's how it all started. The orders started pouring in, and for the next year and a half, all the proceeds were donated to the Family Support Group.

With the amazing number of requests for her raspberry dressing, Elaine then expanded the line to include blackberry, cranberry, and marionberry. In addition, there is now an organic line including organic blackberry, cranberry, raspberry, and creamy herbal Provencal. Having committed herself to never compromising the quality of her dressings, Elaine is now proud to offer these products for all to enjoy.

The vinegar used in all Elaines dressings is flavored by her to perfection from locally grown herbs, cranberries, blackberries, and marionberries. Unlike mass-produced salad dressings and marinades, Elaine offers products you can always count on to titillate your taste buds. In addition, all of her products are nutritious, and beautiful, and the possibilities for its use as a dressing and marinade are endless - even the kids love it They are all salt free, soy free, dairy free, certified gluten free and certified Kosher. Once a person tastes these delectable treats, not only are they "hooked," they are spreading the word to others and finding new ways to include it in their recipes. To experience any of the flavors of Fosse Farms dressings and marinades is to truly experience A Taste of the Northwest.

Making a fabulous dressing is not Elaines only goal. She makes every effort to create an ecologically sound product. For example, any byproducts from spent berries and herbs after making the vinegar are used in compost. Additionally, she reuses and recycles plastic containers nothing is wasted in the production of her product. Her goal is to be part of the sustainable farming movement that provides an alternative to highly processed, mass marketed agricultural products.