Guest Profile

Elizabeth Sampson

As a Holistic Wellness Consultant, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Instructor, Medical Intuitive, and International Talk Radio Host Elizabeth Sampson specializes in bringing the best of holistic healthcare to her clients and listeners while blending it with leading edge alternative healing methods.

Elizabeth is full of compassion, life, and always eager to serve her community and clients worldwide. She has spent 25 years plus in the Holistic Healing profession. Her career began as a Registered Nurse and has evolved to include Reiki, Meditation, Medical Intuition and Coaching. Elizabeth assists her clients in realizing their innate wisdom and personal power to heal their mind, body, and spirit; placing them in the optimal energetic space place to receive healing.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, Elizabeth is a divine conduit for healing energy. She integrates oracle card readings and her intuitive skills into her Reiki healing sessions to address the core healing issues of her clients. As a wellness coach, Elizabeth empowers her clients to recognize and draw upon their innate abilities and resources to make lasting changes for optimal health and healing.

Elizabeth is a forerunner in the spiritual growth community, introducing a variety of meditation teleconferencing classes benefiting clients worldwide. Her "Moms on the Go" meditation group is designed to support busy moms that need their well-deserved "me" time. Her "Weight Loss" meditation group is intended to help her clients attain their optimum weight loss goals. Elizabeth's "Guided Meditation" group classes continue to help men and women from around the globe shift their negative thoughts and behaviors into empowering thoughts and beliefs that transform the quality of their lives. The purpose of her work is to help everyone that enters her path lead more balanced, successful lives.