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Ellen Hayakawa

Ellen Hayakawa is the co-author of Amazon bestseller and best inspirational spiritual book of the year, Healing the Heart of the World and founder of the Divinely Inspired Leaders where people ages 6 to 66 receive training, coaching and mentoring to live lives of passion purpose and meaning. She has coached and trained children and youth and their families as well as teachers, educators and health professional for over a decade to achieve greater joy, peace and happiness by discovering their spiritual wisdom including psychic, healing and intuitive gifts.

She has also been a bridge to help adults understand more deeply what is going on in the spirits and souls of children and youth. These include those who have been diagnosed with learning challenges and brain disorders as well as those who are spiritually gifted. They often behave in ways not easily understood in our present paradigm of families, education and health. Ellen helps children, parents, educators and health professionals to change the perspective through which they are looking at themselves, thereby bringing more joy and peace to their lives.

Ellen is also a pioneer of spirituality in business bringing the message to millions of people via the media and speaking on stages and telesummits with Deepak Chopra, Matthew Fox and Marci Schimoff. She is the author of The Inspired Organization: Spirituality and Energy at Work. Ellen's mission is global peace in our lifetime. She believes that global peace can be achieved if we each do our purpose and divinely inspired vision of work and work together individually and collectively to achieve inner and outer peace.


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