Guest Profile

Emily Bracale

Emily Bracale is the author of In the Lyme-Light: Portraits of Illness and Healing. She has just published new updated and revised book, In the Lyme-Light II:Portraits of Illness and Healing, this spring.

A life-long artist, Emily grew up in a family of three generations of women artists. She was born in Michigan, and attended the Interlochen Arts Academy. She graduated from College of the Atlantic in 1990. She now lives in Bar Harbor ME, and she has a son in elementary school and a daughter in college.

Emily is also an experienced teacher. She has taught in academic classrooms and as an art teacher with all ages of students, in public and private schools, day cares, and camps, at the college level, and in private workshops. As a Reiki Master Teacher she also teaches Reiki to adults and teens.

In 2002, Emily became too ill to work, quite teaching school, and was minimally self-employed at home. It wasn&700;t until 2009 that she &64257;nally realized she had Lyme disease, and started treatment.