Guest Profile

Emily Taradash

Emily Taradash is a transformational, intuitive coach, who’s made a life out of her passions and reveled in walking in the groundless ground! She loves telling jokes, reading multiple books at the same time, and sharing unique fermented creations with her friends and family.

A wondering spirit, Emily worked for 15 years as a Theatrical costume designer, performer and teacher around North America. She worked on over 100 theatrical productions before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. It was in the Theater where she learned the importance of showing up, improvisation, collaboration, storytelling and, of course, sparkles.

Forced to slow down and look inward, Emily started to celebrate the inner sparkle of her life that she had overlooked while she was being busy. With support from her Coach, Kassi Underwood, she has grown into a committed, brave, determined coach herself, who is resolved to support clients to claim the lives that they’ve dreamed of now, without fear or apology.