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Guest Profile

Eric Meyers

Eric Meyers, M.A. is both a counseling astrologer and an author, currently living in Asheville, North Carolina. With a background in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Naropa University, his focus is on how astrology relates to the process of spiritual awakening. As a graduate of the Steven Forrest Apprenticeship program, Eric would be considered an "evolutionary astrologer" though his work seeks to add a transpersonal angle to this growing field.

Eric's latest book, Elements & Evolution: The Spiritual Landscape of Astrology, was released in July 2010. As a true breakthrough work, Eric is now attaining broader recognition as a unique and fresh voice in the field. Other works include Uranus: The Constant of Change, and Between Past & Presence: A Spiritual View of the Moon & Sun.

He runs Soul Vision Consulting with his partner, Sajit Greene. His deepest desire is to contribute to the renewal of astrology at this pivotal time in human history.


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