Guest Profile

Erica Glessing

Erica Glessing believes that when you tell your story, you change the world. The CEO of Happy Publishing, Erica teaches self-expression, happiness, and consciousness. A third-generation publisher, and professional writer for over two decades, Erica is joyful, creative, and fun. She is the host of the annual Happiness Telesummit, and her company has released four #1 bestselling books this year including "The Energy of Happiness,"  "The Energy of Receiving"  and "The Energy of Expansion".

She is an inspirational writer, intuitive, and creative life coach. Erica's book "Happiness Quotations: Gentle Reminders of Your Preciousness" was published in 2011Erica began writing professionally in 1984 as a news reporter. Her first book was published in 2007 called "Prospect When You Are Happy." You can read her daily inspirational work on her Facebook fan page at Quotations.