Guest Profile

Erik Lawyer

Erik Lawyer has lived many lives packed into one. Currently a Seattle Firefighter 1996-present, Erik has also spent time on the Sacramento, CA, Crew and is an EMT/Paramedic. His passion for flying landed him a private pilots license in 1987. He has also served as a top real estate agent for Seattle's largest company in Seattle, Windermere Real Estate 1999-2007.

Erik attended the University of California, Davis and received a B.S. in Mathematics and Minor in Psychology. His enthusiasm surrounding human services continues to inspire the work he does in the field of Firefightingwhich he sees as a way to uphold the core facet of offering his work as a service to the community, and to ensuring safety, freedom, and security in all lives.

Out of all his service work, Erik has also founded a nonprofit organization, ONE Becoming ONE, which serves as an umbrella organization for the upcoming ONE: The Event and ONE: The Gathering held at UW and Seattle Center, as well as webcast globally, whose premise is basic but profoundto see our world from the lens of Love and compassion, transforming fear-based systems and unifying our efforts to live in happiness and freedom.

He currently resides in the Seattle area with his wife, Kelly, and their 15 month old son, Kody. For more information on Erik and his extraordinary projects, please visit or the event site,