Guest Profile

Erin Stabile

I am Erin, an Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Mentor, and Akashic Records Alchemist. I help lightworkers, starseeds, intuitives, and healers develop an unfuckwithable connection to spirit, their healing gifts, and up-leveling their spiritual biz.


After a long battle with anxiety, depression, obesity, and survival mode, I chose gastric sleeve surgery to eventually have knee surgery for my chronic pain. I also decided at that moment I needed to finally heal from the trauma in my life. Within weeks I met my spiritual mentor and started Reiki to help with my chronic pain.


My intuitive gifts exploded, and this new world of spirit connection, true soul healing, and mental, physical, and spiritual healing began. My anxiety, panic, and depression have all diminished and are no longer in control of me. Now I get to help others do the same.


I use various spiritual methods, including Intuitive Mediumship, Reiki, Shamanism, LightLanguage, Akashic Records, and Past Lives to connect to people’s soul. These gifts allow me to help people on an individual soul level.