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Ernie Vecchio

Ernie Vecchio is an author, psychologist, and spiritual teacher who has a private practice in Charleston, WV. Prior to this he was the lead rehabilitation psychologist at a local hospital for 25 years. He taught Counseling and Psychology at the graduate level for Marshall University twelve years, and currently hosts his own show The Soul's Intent on

Left to find his way in the world by age six, Ernie overcame great adversity to get where he is today. Multiple foster homes and a variety of abuses preceded his nine year stay in a local orphanage. He often says about his life: "If you haven't got a story, nothing happened" Today, Ernie has helped countless individuals find balance between their outside reality and inner personal truths. While working with severe trauma patients, he developed a psycho-spiritual understanding of that which divides us all: self-judgment. Those willing to explore and heal this division internally discover a broader and more compassionate view of the self. The result is forgiveness and a personal freedom to simply BE. You can also get more information at this additional website: