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Ethan Dornhelm

Ethan Dornhelm, Vice President, FICO Scores and Predictive Analytics, leads the research and analytic development of FICO® Scores globally. Ethan is responsible for maintaining the predictive power the core product line as well as research and development of new scoring products, alternative data, analytic methodologies and machine learning implementations. Most recently, his diverse and high-performance team launched the newest FICO® Score 9, FICO® Score XD, FICO® Safe Driving Score, the fifth generation score at TransUnion South Africa, and the first credit-bureau collections and application fraud scores in Turkey as well as developing the analytic features available to millions of consumers via FICO’s B2C solutions — and FICO® Score Open Access. Ethan has a B.S. in management science/operations research from UC San Diego.


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