Guest Profile

Eva-Maria Mora

Eva-Maria Mora's journey from being an international top management consultant to becoming a clairvoyant medical intuitive and spiritual teacher led to her discovery of Quantum Angel Healing QAH. Eva-Maria and her husband, Michael, teach seminars and QAH certification programs worldwide.

What is Quantum-Angel-Healing?

Identifying and transforming the true cause of an illness or difficult life situation, is a very complex task. As a result of this, modalities and treatments of the old paradigm simply addressed the symptoms of an illness. Despite the good will and training of health care professionals, it was usually impossible to get to the core of the problem.

Through the shift of energy and consciousness on the planet, there is already some acceptance that we must be able to use universal laws e.g. the law of attraction to 'reprogram' our reality. A great deal of science and philosophy on this has already reached public awareness, but the actual 'how to,' is still largely unknown or only exists in little puzzle pieces of a bigger picture.

Quantum-Angel-Healing provides the bigger picture and answers, with a new approach to healing. Through connecting and communicating with Angels, the QA-Practitioner has access to the divine matrix, a cosmic database, a quantum field, where all information is access able. There are no restrictions of time and space. The angels taught us, that if we are experiencing an imbalance, we can work with them and apply the 'Angelic Healing Formula' to rearrange these quantum phenomena and regain health. It takes a higher source of energy to effectively transform any emotions, thoughts, patterns and programs that underlie our ill health.