Guest Profile

Eve Michaels

At age 55 Eve looks a glamorous 35, and lives a life many would envy. She enjoys a home in Beverly Hills, has a wonderful relationship with her husband and her children, and excels at a successful career, which she loves. She was born in the Beverlywood section of Los Angeles, California, to a middle class family. Through determination and hard work, Eve has come a long way from her simple beginnings. By the time Eve was three years old, she regularly accompanied her father, a clothing store owner, to the garment district. The fashion industry fascinated this young girl, and she grew that fascination into a life-long passion, which she fully blossomed into a career by immersing herself in the knowledge of style, taste, culture, & class.

Eve Michaels is a living, walking example of the power of her own methods. Her classes and seminars have their foundation in her own experience of becoming the self-assured, sought-after, and successful women of today. Eve took her basic looks and found ways to enhance every inch of herself to achieve her fullest potential.

Eve Michaels personifies the real life women so deliciously portrayed in the phenomenal hit television series, Sex and the City". Eve Michaels is an internationally acclaimed inspirational beauty coach who helps women achieve ageless beauty. Many people rightfully refer to Eve as "The Diva of all Divas. She not only walks her talk, shes led thousands of women down the path of self-fulfillment and total metamorphosis to becoming the fabulous and sexy woman no matter their age. Her mission is to empower women everywhere by teaching them how to reconnect with their divine feminine sensuality, strength, and sparkle that is the WOW Woman. Eve's program goes way beyond hair, makeup and clothing... it ignites ageless beauty from the inside out. She teaches that when you get your body, mind and spirit in sync, you'll find your WOW again.

How to grow young is the passion of Eves life, and she is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life look and feel vibrant, beautiful, and modern. For the past thirty years, Eve has worked and conquered all aspects of the fashion and makeover industry. She also has an intense interest in natural healing, spirituality, and metaphysics, which is the foundation to her holistic approach to the ultimate in makeovers.