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Guest Profile

Faye Fitzgerald

Faye Fitzgerald is the founder and developer of an educational training system called Training in Power, offering more than 20 courses in self-empowerment, spiritual advancement, and energetic healing work.

An avid researcher and student, Faye has been influenced by the work of many great teachers, including Edgar Cayce, Mary Eddy Baker, Jose Silva, Carlos Castaneda, Buddha, Christ and Mohammed. Combined with her active research in the areas of clinical psychology, cultural anthropology, theology and cross-cultural healing practices, Faye developed a profound understanding about transformational healing, specifically from a Vibrational Science standpoint.

Growing up in Stratford, Ontario Canada, Faye was aware of her intuitive and healing gifts from a very young age. By sixteen, she was helping friends with psychic readings and energy healings. In 1971, Faye completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Western Ontario. in London, Ontario. She moved to Toronto to begin her career in the social services field. She was drawn to serve the community in various advocacy and counseling roles working with vulnerable client groups. This work allowed Faye to witness the negative effects experienced by many health care professionals. She knew that a system of self-protection and empowerment was desperately needed. Relocating to British Columbia in 1976, Faye actively practiced and studied in the field of spirituality from both a reverent and scientific viewpoint. Faye became well known in the Vancouver area for the clarity of her psychic readings and the power of her healing ability and began teaching her unique courses in 1986.