Guest Profile

Francis Ayley

Francis Ayley has been a sensitive all his life, channeling higher insight and wisdom to people and teaching others how to live in alignment with Spirit. He has extensive training in a number of fields, including transpersonal and humanistic psychotherapy (in the UK), alchemical Tarot, psychological astrology, martial arts and Taoist healing.For over 30 years Francis has taught Tarot and astrology and run classes in personal development. Because of his extensive experience working in the invisible realms, students who work with Francis are given the opportunity to develop spiritual insight and awareness, psychological integration, and training in the development and use of their intuition.

In his Life Readings, Francis integrates Tarot and Astrology to offer people the opportunity to set aside their delusions, illusions, confusion and lack of clarity and replace it with clear seeing, clear understanding and wisdom, enabling them to see the most skillful and appropriate action within their situation, based on the insight he reveals.