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Frank Garone

Frank Garone

Frank Garone,also known as Ji, is a leader of DreamShops and Spirit Circles.

A number of years ago, a dream told Frank Garone that he no longer had a name, but he could be called Ji. Ji is the Chi or Life Force.

Ji aids others in Process through the vehicles of DreamShops and Spirit Circles. These interactive sessions allow participants to integrate the New Energy, clear discomfort, and welcome new directions.

Ji also provides individual sessions that Balance the Energy through Intuitive Insight and Energy Transfer. The Balance affords new understanding and the "Grace to Embrace" the next step on Ones Chosen Path.

With a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy, Frank Garone comes from a career that spanned 30 years teaching English and related disciplines, mostly at the high school level. At a very early age, he was drawn to the mysteries of the Universe. His search for Truth led him to metaphysics through the study of philosophy.

Ji's approach uses Platonic dialogue. He supports individuals in their Spiritual Process through Dream Readings and his Intuitive Insight in an interactive format. Participants share their perspectives, while Ji combines these truths to facilitate Understanding, Integration, and Realization of their Inner Knowing.

Ji is also a certified facilitator both in Creative Response to Conflict CRC and Mediation.