Guest Profile

Fredric Lehrman

Fredric Lehrman is the founder and director of Nomad University, established in 1974 as an international network of inspiring teachers and self-directed students. This community is a clearing house for interdisciplinary and cross-cultural exploration at all levels, with every aspect of the program being adapted to support the individual student in developing their unique gift, talent, and mode of service.

Fredric has tested and applied these educational principals in his own life, and serves as a consultant and teacher to businesses and organizations worldwide. He is a trainer in many modes of personal development, a professional classical musician, photographer, and t'ai chi teacher, and author of two books, The Sacred Landscape 1988, and Loving the Earth 1990. His audio courses, "Prosperity Consciousness" and "The Inner Factors that Control Outer Results" were influential in providing a foundation for many of the more recent contributions in that field, and have helped individuals at all levels of business and career to reduce struggle and increase fulfillment.