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Guest Profile

Gabrielle Flowers Rader

Gabrielle Flowers Rader is the friend you probably haven’t met! As a wife and mother of two, this lifestyle influencer is spreading love, life and laughter across the world by simply living her life on camera.

While seeking an outlet from her corporate job, she created the YouTube channels, GabeBabeTV and The Gabe Fix, which have grown over 400,000 subscribers with millions of monthly views. That one decision allowed her the opportunity to jump into entrepreneurship full time after having her son in 2013. Since then she’s been blessed with the opportunity to work with hundreds of brands including national commercials and live TV appearances.

After losing the baby weight from having her daughter in 2018, Gabrielle became a Certified Nutrition Specialist and created Gabe Fix Fitness with the goal of helping other women do the same. More recently, her and her husband created the Let’s Make Out podcast where they take on the mission of helping marriages grow and prosper with weekly episodes. Gabrielle believes in the power of positivity and living her life authentically to inspire change in the community.