Guest Profile

Gail Lynn

Gail Lynn-Rebel, Dreamer, Author and Inventor

In 2007, at the age of 37, Gail Lynn’s dream of making a difference in the world was rudely shattered. The accumulated stress of two challenging relationships and three extremely competitive careers in the automotive, telecommunications, and film industries had decimated her physical, emotional, and psychological reserves, leaving her with a medical diagnosis of severe cardiovascular stress and on the verge of an instant heart attack.

Determined to restore her health, Gail plunged into the world of energy medicine. When a series of whole-body light and sound treatments reversed her diagnosis, she set out to uncover both the ancient history and modern science behind light and sound as healing therapies.

After opening a light and sound healing center in Colorado in 2010, a series of extraordinary synchronicities guided her to combine light and sound technologies with sacred geometry and Tesla mathematics. The result was a revolutionary vibroacoustic, resonance healing chamber called the Harmonic Egg, which is advancing frequency healing to an unimagined level and giving thousands of people new hope for a quality of life they never imagined.

Gail's story is one of inspiration and self-created magic. From her humble beginnings in Detroit to a seven-year relationship with Elvis Presley’s step-brother…and a role as a producer on a Hollywood movie about "The King”…to her triumphant success stories with energy medicine and collaborations with world-renowned composers, musicians, professors, and physicians, Gail is part storyteller, part Renaissance Woman, part Sage from times long ago. You will want to walk with her on every step of her amazing journey, as well as experience the technological paradigm shift now known as the Harmonic Egg.