Guest Profile

Galina Siergiejczyk

Dr. Galina Siergiejczyk is a Belorussian-born scholar, writer, editor, brain brilliance coach, theta-healing intuitive, community organizer, GMO-labeling activist, an avid yogini and horseback rider, choreographer and visionary. She has been a student of evolutionary philosophies and an advocate of contemplative education in academia and beyond. Currently Galina coaches doctoral writers and teaches Russian culture at the University of Colorado-Boulder, and instructs music to elementary school children. She speaks some ten languages and sings in a Planina Balkan choir. Her creative and professional collaborations extend to alternative Universities, such as Naropa and Ubiquity. Her recent work focuses on embodied cognition, a powerful modality of mind-body-energy work that entails cognitive and sensory re-training of the brain as well as its remote receptors in the environment.