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Geno Mrosko

With a staff of our General, Geno Mrosko, Managing Editor, three supporting editors, several authors, moderators and a graphic designer, as well as fan contributors, using inspiration from our fellow Cagesiders, Cageside has become essential reading for the Pro Wrestling fan of the modern era.

Cageside Seats is a member of the SBNation Blog Network of over 300 Sports Blogs. 'CSS' is primarily for pro wrestling fans, but we also touch on other combat sports from time to time. We offer a fantastic, well-informed, intelligent internet wrestling community and believe fan perspective is more engaging. Our blog is run by fans for fans.

Our flagship site,, covers sports stories that rise to national significance. With the innovative SBNation StoryStream approach, every story is a blog, a narrative that grows over time. Fans receive all important news updates and opinions the moment they break from all relevant sources, all delivered with engaging fan voices and conversations. Fans can even write their own posts and be promoted to the front page.